Monologue: It Gets Better

Delivered to a child who’s having a bad day.

Hey, look, you’ve probably heard this before, but, it get’s better you know? Some day, you’ll grow up, and things will start to go right for a change. You’ll find people who love you for who you are and… things won’t be so hard… as they are now. When? Could be next year. Could be ten. Might even be thirty. Ha. I don’t know when… But that’s what they say right? It gets better. I mean, it got better for them right? The people saying that… They’re successful. People look up to them, you know. People listen when they talk. They have adoring fans and bright vibrant personalities. Things got better for them… and sure not everyone can be famous, or successful, or loved. But, no, I’m sorry. I’m getting off message. It gets better. Just do what I did when I was your age. Make a promise to yourself. Make a promise that you’ll never forget how much you hated this, that you’ll never forget how bad it was. Then, when you rise above it, you’ll look back… and wonder why you thought it was so damn bad. I mean seriously. I’m so freaking broken. I can’t do anything right! It’s like life is just this series of soul sucking failures. What the hell is the point! Like one damn thing. Can I just do one damn thing right? For once in my life! Jesus Chr….y me a river. I’m sorry. Um.  You know. Uh. It’ll… get better for you. You have… like your whole life ahead of you. Go live it. Just… live the crap out of that life. Sorry, language.